Freecell X

Freecell X 1.4

100.000 variations of the solitaire game

OSX FreeCell is a very addictive solitaire card game. It differs from other solitaire card games in that winning other solitaire card games depends mostly on luck, with FreeCell, winning depends mostly on SKILL.

Just about every FreeCell game is potentially winnable. It just may take some studying and thinking to figure out how.

OSX FreeCell is programmed to give you 100,000 unique games to play, a lifetime of games.

Each one is uniquely numbered which means you can play the same game over and over until you are able to win it. (Or not win it, if it turns out to be impossible.

) OSX FreeCell keeps track of details about each game played. Moves, Time, Wins, Loses, percent won, current and best win and loss streaks are all tracked and recorded.

Freecell X


Freecell X 1.4

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  • coolowl

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    "The Freeceller's Freecell"

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